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Brand & Logo Design

We believe that branding your business is one of the most important choices you can make in setting your business apart from the competition.

Web Design

Our website design process will take you through all of the steps required to be successful. Its time to step up your web site to the best level.

Content Management

Every web site we build gets a content management system. We enable you to edit and run your own web site and we make it easy.


Yes, we build applications of all sizes and that fit any device. We have been in the mobile space since there was a mobile space.

Graphic Design

We apply beautiful design to every type of printed material you can imagine. From business cards to ad design, we got you covered.

Video Experts

Our video work has been produced for NBC, NBA, Hyatt and more. We also make our video voodoo avialable for small business.

Our Greatest Work Yep, and we're proud !

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Human Resources

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Oh the pirates!

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Winning tastes good

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US Marines

Education Resources

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Blazing Trails

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Jerry Springer

Manage that mouth

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Manage It All

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Bang & Olufsen

Hear Design

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The Future

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John's Grill

The Full Plate

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Tyler's Automotive

300% Growth

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The Truth

A Tattoo Studio

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Business Model

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Stores Etc...

Rent The Runway

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Brand Perfection

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Want to freelance?

If you think you have what it takes to keep up with a militant minded mercenary design team, join us.

Latest In House ProjectsAll about our passion for design.

  • Bad Petrovich

    In our spare time we design, shape and paint a custom surf board line called Bad Petrovich. We create the world's sickest surfboards! Our attitude is all about winning. No Apologies For Victory!

  • The Chopper

    The chopper bike was a one off custom designed by Peter Bogdanov and built by iRide customs. In 2014 we redesigned the beast to be murdered out. Now you can buy a part of our history.

  • The Corvette

    We started with a 2004 Corvette C5 and then went all bad Petrovich on it. Painted in the 2014 color cyber gray but done flat like only a gangster can. Let us design your ride and join the customized life club.

  • Bogdanov's Painting

    We also run a small interior/exterior design and fabrication business where we paint murals, custom floors and do built in furniture and other creative projects. Check out our mural talent first hand.

  • Did you say tattoo?

    When is the last time you met a design agency who has a tattoo artist as its lead creative officer? The Truth is peter Bogdanov's personal tattoo studio. Go take a look at his art on skin and be amazed.


Here are some answers to some common questions reagrding the Petrovich design studio.

  • We are very cost effective and our overall pricing is lower than most people think. With a portfolio of clients such as the NBA, NBC, Pepsi and Hyatt to name a few, we understand your fear that we are an expensive agency. But it is simply not true. We are a small business and we understand budget versus solution. Have us quote on your project. What do you have to lose? Start Now

  • Yes, we work with clients of all sizes from a single person business to very large corporations. We simply do not care about the size of the business. We care about the size of our impact on your business. Marketing is all about cost versus reward. The cost to get reward for a smaller business is much less than a large company. So in this light, we work with you on your numbers and your size. We win. Start Now

  • Yes, we offer project payments over as much as a one year period to help you get your business to where it needs to be. We start with 50% down based on your project size and then allow for equal payments to cover the balance over as much as one year. Start Now

  • Do you want to innovate? Do you want to be the best in your industry? This is what drives us. We love to work with partners who have the same passion for winning that we do. No Apologies for Victory! Start Now

  • I will never hide from this question nor my answer to it. No, the client is not always right. If you want to be right all the time hire another designer. Petrovich, Ltd. has spent over two decades perfecting our method and approach. If you want a great relationship with us, know that we are of equal importance to each other. You are not always right and niether are we. What we are though is very talented and we bring ideas you never saw coming. I rather work for people who can be wrong than those that know it all. Start Now

  • No Apologies for Victory! We love winning. Its all we think about. We are not ashamed of our confidence nor in our ability to win with you, the client. If you can't get over fear of winning, you can't even play the game. We win! Period. Start Now

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