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The Petrovich Agency

Our Legacy

The Petrovich Agency is a team of diehard interactive experts. We use innovative ideas & technology to tell amplified brand stories.


Our team led by iconic artist Peter Bogdanov thrives in an all or nothing mentality. We build wealth by building brands through modern day story telling. We don't just compete in the interactive space, we orchestrate wonderful addictions.

We specialize in VR, AR, and Mixed Reality Development. We craft epic interactive experiences. In simple terms, we are badass on purpose.

"Your story amplified"

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Unique Abilities

Our core obsession is about making ground breaking, innovative and sticky content for commercial profit. We are best known for flawless brand management and out of this world creativity. These are our other unique abilities.

VR, AR, Mixed Reality

We are obsessed with the future of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Development. We are betting our entire 25 year reputation on the future of mixed reality technology. If you are looking for a team that knows how to create what has yet to be seen, you came to the right place.



5K Reality

The Petrovich Agency approaches every project first as a interactive storyteller and cinematographer. We are huge camera nerds with the right equipment and tools all centered around telling your story like a boss.



Drone Experts

Countless hours traveling the world shooting features, episodics, documentaries, commercials and music videos have all led to this. As filmmakers, we know that capturing the perfect shot or sequence is critical to success. We utilize a diverse drone fleet. Whether you need a heavy-lifting beast for smooth, cinematic shots or a small and nimble rig for close proximity flying, we've got you covered.




Google. Apple. Facebook. Bing. Yahoo. Yelp. MicroSoft. Instagram. When it comes to running a business, it doesn’t matter which app, map, search engine, directory, GPS device, platform or social network you use. What matters is that they receive accurate and complete information, only every time and only on every device. We provide a complete software solution.

Brand Identity

We pride ourselves on being prolific brand designers. Our process of creativity is all about the brand message and establishing a bond between customers and products. Please take a look at our branding and logo design video showcasing projects from our full history. /p>






Impossible is Nothing!

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Our Location

6164 Holio Rd, Kapaa Kauai, Hawaii 96746


Office : 808-631-9818

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